Internet Safety

Web Browsers store a history of all the pages you visit during your time on the internet.  If you have any concerns about someone knowing you visited a website it is imperative that you remove this information from your computer so that an abuser cannot discover it. Please remember to do this simple procedure before you log off the internet.

Instructions for Clearing the View History in your Web Browser:

Using the toolbar of your web browser, find the menu selection that gives you view options.

  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer Click ToolsSafetyDelete Browsing History
  • In Mozilla Firefox, press CRTLSHIFTDELETE Simultaneously
  • In Safari click “History” in the top menubar, and select “Clear History” from the drop down menu. 
  • In Safari for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, tap the “Book logo” at the bottom, then from the menu that appears, tap “History” then “Clear” on the bottom right corner.
  • In Google Chrome, click the “Three Horizontal Lines” button in the upper right corner. Then Choose “History” and Select “Clear Browsing Data
  • Other web browsers should have similar features.

Be aware that this is not foolproof. An observant computer user may notice that the history is gone, and get suspicious. If you feel you may be at risk if your abuser discovers you were using the Internet, call our 24-hour crisis line now at 920-452-7640! The advocate who answers the phone can’t help you with the computer, but can discuss your safety options.